Hi Mom, how are you today?

Her children could sometimes see the strain through the smile when she came home from work. She always had time to help with homework and when the weather was nice in the summer, she would take the kids to the beach. The beaches were beautiful. These were some of the best days the kids remembered. […]

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The dust caused a hazy mist The smell of iron, a sunlight desert kissed A dullness sent his mind amiss As her father shouted with a clenched fist   Tears ran down her face Her dark cheeks wet, like streams of lace A result of a war, a power chase He realized hell existed in […]

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A Different Perception

It`s a brisk and cold evening. The sun is setting and I have just completed a lap around the castle park. As usual, walking with my best friend in the evenings. Now that the winter is upon us, the sun is setting quickly and I have noticed the drop in temperature. As we leave the […]

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You Are Not Fat! You Have Fat

Its winter now, and it’s cold and dark in the town of Kilkenny, (South Ireland) in the early mornings. After I have sat on my bedside for at least 2 minutes, trying to gather the energy to get up, I eventfully drag myself from the bed, downstairs to grab a coffee before the shower. I […]

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Interviews – The Right Advice

I want to share some interview advice that may actually help you. While carrying out interviews for a GMP pharma site and through my career being the hopeful candidate on the other side of the table, I have learned a thing or two along the way… Research – sounds obvious but do not research wastefully! […]

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